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Nunavut is the youngest, largest but least populated territory in Canada’s Arctic North and boasts endless, unspoilt natural landscapes. Only accessible by air or sea, this top-of-the-world destination is untouched by mass tourism and is a destination for those seeking an immersive cultural and adventure experience.  Spectacular Arctic landscapes, wildlife viewing and cultural experiences with the resident Inuit are at the forefront of possibilities in Nunavut. The local Nunavummiut who comprise more than 80% of the local population, are more than welcoming, sharing their home with visitors and accompanying them to observe Arctic wildlife, the Aurora Borealis and to engage with their Inuit culture. Since agriculture was never possible in the harsh Arctic climate and the tundra, hunting is at the core of survival. Everyday life in these communities still reflects the 5000 year old nomadic hunter-gatherer traditions. Nunavut’s capital city of Iqaluit is home to many Inuit artists and musicians. Here, festivals of music and dance take place during the spring and summer months when the evenings are long and bright. Traditional Inuit performances are based around drum beating and a unique vocal style of singing called ‘katajjaq’ in Inuktitut, or throat-singing. These storytelling methods are unique and inherent to the deep rooted social values of the Inuit culture.


The style our travellers have enjoyed for over 20 years, these tours feature inclusive itineraries to popular destinations including the 'must see' sites and attractions. Led by an expert Tour Leader, you will enjoy comfortable accommodation, and coach transport throughout the journey.

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These tours are defined by their incomparably unique itineraries, featuring 'off the beaten path' destinations and immersive experiences. An intimate group size allows us to stay in smaller, centrally located, unique and boutique style inns, lodges and hotels, utilize traditional local transportation and dive deep into each destination's local culture and traditions.

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These travel experiences are fully customizable to better fit your needs. Every itinerary is created based on your comfort level, accommodation choices, and personal interests. Whether you are looking for a rail adventure, self drive holiday, unique experiences, or a short city stay our team will work with you on combining accommodation, transportation, and activities based on your preferences to create the perfect itinerary for you.

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