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Home to Northern Light lit night skies, icebergs, polar bears and a sense of pure wilderness, the Canadian Arctic is one of the most remarkable places on earth to visit. You can explore much of the region’s unique biodiversity along the Arctic coast on one of our expedition style cruises. The Arctic is inhabited by 4 species of whales, 6 species of seals, 64 species of seabirds and endless dramatic coastlines, leaving you with so much to see! Hike through the tundra in Nunavut on the world’s biggest uninhabited island, Devon Island. Or head to Baffin Bay to experience the sense of total remoteness in a place where there are no roads outside of Iqaluit. Travel through the Territory’s unique landscape on snowmobile or dogsled and learn about Inuit culture, art, and history from local experts, or take the time to visit the local craft shops and meet the carvers. Heading across the Davis Strait to Greenland you will find more of what the Arctic has to offer. Weave through icebergs as you sail to the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to discover one of the world’s most active glaciers. During spring and autumn, the Arctic’s limited daylight hours makes for optimal conditions to see the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky. So, bundle up, it is time for your next adventure!


The style our travellers have enjoyed for over 20 years, these tours feature inclusive itineraries to popular destinations including the 'must see' sites and attractions. Led by an expert Tour Leader, you will enjoy comfortable accommodation, and coach transport throughout the journey.

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These tours are defined by their incomparably unique itineraries, featuring 'off the beaten path' destinations and immersive experiences. An intimate group size allows us to stay in smaller, centrally located, unique and boutique style inns, lodges and hotels, utilize traditional local transportation and dive deep into each destination's local culture and traditions.

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These travel experiences are fully customizable to better fit your needs. Every itinerary is created based on your comfort level, accommodation choices, and personal interests. Whether you are looking for a rail adventure, self drive holiday, unique experiences, or a short city stay our team will work with you on combining accommodation, transportation, and activities based on your preferences to create the perfect itinerary for you.

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Types of Bubble Tours: Independent Travel (FIT), Self-Drive Small Custom Groups limited to 12 persons

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